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Yo amo a otra persona

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Q: How do you say i love somebody else in spanish?
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How do you say i love somebody in spanish?

Te amo alguien.

How do you say oh that not me that somebody else in that picture in spanish?

"Oh, no soy yo en esa foto. Es otra persona."

What should you do if you love a person but somebody else told you that he loves you?

go to that person and ask if they really love you or if someone was just playing a trick. if they say they do love you, tell them that you love them back

What do you say to somebody when they say you have a big head?

englesh to spanish

Is telling your ex when he still calls you met somene?

Let him know you have found love with somebody else gently and softly. Say something like this, "I have enjoyed our realtionship very much, you are a great person but I have found love with somebody else, I hope we can still stay freinds".

How do you say i like somebody in spanish?

"Me gusta (alguien = 'somebody') (or the person's name)"

How can use in the sentence somebody else?

I made the dinner, somebody else should do the clean up. (although I prefer to say someone else)

How do you say your parents that you are in love with somebody?

im in love man

What is the spanish sentence for i love you?

To say "I love you" in Spanish, you would say: "Te quiero."

How do you say 'somebody' in Spanish?

alguien (pronounced ALG-yen)

How do you say Somebody lied in spanish?

el or eya mento

What is you like somebody say I love you OR I Respect you?

When they say "I love you" then they love you, if they say "I respect you" while they show respect to you, they just aren't into you.