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How do you say i miss you daddy in Spanish?

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I miss you father - Yo perder usted padre

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How u say i miss you DADDY in spanish?

Te extrano, papa

How do you say You miss me in Spanish?

In real Spanish you'd ask: me extrañas? To say: Do you miss me? to say: do you miss me? in spanish: me echas de menos?

How do you say 'daddy' in Spanish?

"Papi" or "papito".

How do you say daddy in Spanish?


How do you say daddy trust i can in spanish?

daddy confianza que puedo

How do you say sugar daddy in spanish?

Sugar daddy is "amante viejo y rico" in Spanish.

How do you Say daddy for boy in spanish?


How do you say in spanish make love to me daddy?

Hacer el amor a Me, papá. There is no "daddy" in Spanish, so it would be "dad".

How do I say Miss Lovely in Spanish?

Miss adorable

How do you say big daddy in spanish?

padre grande

How do you say hello daddy in spanish?

iHola, Papa!

How do you say yo daddy in spanish?

papá by:kenly

How do you say did you miss me in spanish?

To ask the English question 'Did you miss me?' in Spanish takes fewer words. In Spanish 'Me extrañaste?' is all you would say.

How do you say I will miss you terribly in Spanish?

I will miss you terribly in Spanish is voy a extrañar terriblemente.

How do you say i like daddy in spanish?

It would be "A mi me gusta mi papi" (I like my daddy).

How do you say Miss female in Spanish?

This how you literally say miss female in spanish: senorita hembra However it does not make any sense. Miss is just senorita.

Como te llamas papi mean in spanish?

how do you call daddy better translation would be how do you say daddy or what is the word for daddy

How do you say i miss you and i love you in Spanish?

In Spanish "I miss you" is te extrano and "I love you" is te amo.

How do you say i want you daddy in spanish?

Te quiero papá

How do you say come to daddy in Spanish?

venga al padre

How do you say nothing much daddy in spanish?

no mucho, papá

How do you say daddy is back and Spanish?

Papá ha regresado

How do you say goodnight daddy in spanish?

"Buenas noches, papá."

How do you say god-daddy in spanish?


How do i say i am your daddy in spanish?

Soy tu papa/padre