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This is the answer (I think). It could be Amieasa. 毛深い膣 or la lluvia

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Less simply:

'Ame ga futte hoshii no desu.'


or more simply: (informal)

'Ame ga hoshiinda'


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雨は好きですか? (Ame WA suki desu ka?)

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Q: How do you say i want it to rain in Japanese?
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How do you say rain death in Japanese?

shinnu ame

Who do you say inside in Japanese?

we say Nakagawa if we want to say inside in Japanese.

How do you spell rain in french?

If you want to say it is raining, it is "Il pleut". If you want to say rain then it is pluie.

How do you say tourmaline in Japanese?

トルマリン /to ru ma rain/.

How do you say dragon of the rain in Japanese?

The phrase 'dragon of the rain' may be translated as雨の竜 (ame no ryuu) in Japanese.

How do you say autumn rain in Japanese?

秋の雨 (aki no ame)

What is japanese rain?

The Japanese word for rain is 'ame.'

How do you say do you except in Japanese?

To say expect in Japanese when you want the definition to mean leave out or omit, you say ___. If you use except as a preposition to mean without or but, you say ____.

How do you say rain in Russian?

The noun rain is дождь, pronounced, roughly, as dosht.There is no direct translation of the verb to rain. If you want to say that it is raining, you say идет дождь ("the rain is coming down").

How do you say i want you to make love to me in Japanese?

You could say "kimiga hoshiindesu" which means "i want you (in a sexual way.)" Hope that helps :)

How do you say 'immortal rain' in Japanese?

不滅の雨 Fumetsu no ame

How do you say sinful rain in Japanese?

罪深い雨 Tsumibukai ame