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me alegra saber que todavia tienes gracia

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Q: How do you say in Spanish glad to see you still have your sense of humor?
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How do you say you are glad in Spanish?

eres alegro

How do you say glad to meet you in Spanish?

mucho gusto

Orange you glad I did?

Your question makes no sense, so an answer can not be provided.

How do you im glad were dating in Spanish?

Me gusta que salimos

How do you say glad to hear in spanish?

Contento, a de oír...

How do you say i am so disappointed in how your doing me in Spanish?

How do u say I'm glad we are friends n Spanish

What does cuchillo mean in spanish?

"Cuchillo" in Spanish means knife.

How do you say 'I'm glad to be with you' in Spanish?

Estoy feliz estar contigo.

What does you alegro verles hoy mean in spanish?

It means (I am) glad to see you

Is it correct to say you are glad being able to help?

Yes, it is correct to say "I am glad to be able to help." This conveys a sense of satisfaction and willingness to assist.

How do you say 'I am glad we are together' in Spanish?

Estoy feliz que estamos juntos.

How do you say I'm glad you figured it out in spanish?

Translation: Me contenta que lo averiguaste