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Q: How do you say inner and outer forearm in Korean?
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How would you describe inner life and outer life?

Inner life refers to your spiritual life, the things you do not see for example thoughts. But outer life refers to you outward life, the things you say and act on.

What is the outer planets not a gas giant?

Pluto is not a planet so you cant really say that all of the outer planets are made of gasses the inner planets are made of solid materials

Do the outer planets circle the inner planets?

All planets circle the CEntral Star. So in a way outer planets almost circle inner planets but the Star is at one focus of the planets' orbits so it is more proper to say that planets orbit stars.

How do you say Diana in Korean?

How to say diana in korean

How do you spell or say Brayden in Korean?

how do you say Braidyn in korean

How do you say will in Korean?

Will is 미래 in Korean.

What is the only part of earths inner structure that is a liquid?

The inner and outer core are made mostly of molten rock and lead, as the very center is solid because of the constant force. The thick mantle is liquid towards the center and is primarily considered to be solid. The outer core is what I would say to be the "only" liquid layer in Earth's structure as the inner core has too much pressure and the mantle had too little heat.

How do you say chicken in Korean?

you say chicken in Korean like dalk (닭)

What forms The protective outer shell of coral animals?

Corals don't have a protective outer shell, they have an inner skeleton. It is formed from calcium carbonate.

How many miles is it from the inner core to the outer core?

There is no distance between the two : the outer core is on top of the inner core of the Earth. The inner core is considered to be about 2440 km (1520 mi) in diameter, or the region up to about 1220 km from the center. The outer core extends about another 2266 km (1408 mi) outward, from around 1220 to 3486 km from the center. The outer core is therefore about 5150 km from the surface at sea level, this distance comprising the mantle (lower and upper) and the crust.

How do you say jump in Korean?

Jump in Korean is E-Dan.To say it, just say Eee-Dawn.

How Do You Say Bubbles In Korean?

To say 'bubbles' in Korean, you just say bubbles, but say it so it sounds like 'Booblies'.