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Q: How do you say interviewer in Italian?
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What do you say to the interviewer in the Pokemon fan club?

you say gimmie secret NOWZ!

How do you say fine dining in Italian?

"Ristoranti" is what we say it in Italian!!

How do you say under in Italian?

Sotto is how you say under in Italian.

How do you say in Italian in Italian?

in italiano

How do say you are learing itialian in Italian?

To say "I am learning Italian" in Italian, you would say "Sto imparando l'italiano."

Are there any questions that an interviewer should not ask you What are they Why should not they be asked What should you say?


How do you say encore in Italian?

Encore is Italian.

How do you say Italian marica in English?

Italian marita(italian)=Italian marries(english)

How do you say fake in Italian?

To say fake in Italian you say finto.

How do you say the name Patty in Italian?

You can say Patty as well. The Italian name is Patrizia.

What is 'How do you say' when translated from English to Italian?

"How do you say?" in English is Come si dice? in Italian.

How do you say true story in Italian?

Storia vera is how you say true story in Italian.