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Bhí sé ina lá álainn.

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Q: How do you say it was a lovely day in Irish?
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How do you say 'your lovely' in Irish?

Is duine àlainn thu.

How do you say you are lovely in Irish?

Tá tú go hálainn

How do you say 'your lovely house' in Gaelic?

In Irish it's "do theach deas"

How do you say that's a lovely dog in Irish?

Sin é madra breá.

Is Irish language lovely?

Every person who speaks Irish believes that it is a lovely language. And they are all correct.

How do you say lovely day in luhya language?

The English words "lovely day" are translated into "Inyanga indayi" in African Luhya language.

How do you say lovely lady in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic: "A mhnathan 's a dhaoine-uaisle", or "A mhnathan-uaisle 's a dhaoine-uaisle". In Irish (Gaelic): "A dhaoine uaisle!"

Is a Friesian better than an Irish hunter?

it depends on what you want to do. for hunting and for a great all rounder than i would say a Irish hunter. but a friesians have lovely paces and are great at dressage.

How do you say it is such a lovely day in Spanish?

es una mañana tan encantadora

How do you say red day in Irish?

lá dearg

How do you say 'sieze the day' in Irish?

Tapaigh an deis

How do you say have a lovely day in tagalog?

sana magkaroon ka nang magandang araw