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Eso és costoso, dificultoso, pero tiéne que ser hecho.

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Es difícil hablar inglés.

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Q: How do you say its hard to speak English in Spanish?
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You don't speak English say it in spanish?

Yo no hablo inglés. = i don't speak english

How do you say if they speak English in spanish?

Hablan inglés?

How do you say Hello do you speak English in spanish?

i speak both:in spanish it's hola (oh-la)

How do you say its hard to speak Spanish in Spanish'?

'' es dificil hablar español "

How do you say 'Do you speak English' in dominican republic spanish?

Do you speak English = Habla Usted inglés(it's the same in Dominican Spanish as in Standard Spanish).

How do you say cómo saben hablar español in english?

You say, "How do they know to speak Spanish?"

What does hablamos mean in English?

In English, 'hablamos' means 'we talk'.Hablamos is a conjugated form of the verb "hablar" which means "to talk" in Spanish.Hablo - I talkHablas - you talkHabla- he/she/it talksHablamos - we talkHablan - they talk

How do you say i cant speak English in spanish?

no hablo ingles

How do you say do you speak English in Quechua?

parlanki inglesta kanki? ingles is borrowed from spanish meaning English

How you say I speak only English?

You can say "I speak only English" in different ways. For instance, in Spanish, you can say "Hablo solo inglés," in French "Je parle seulement anglais," and in German "Ich spreche nur Englisch."

How do you say Do you get to speak Spanish?

Do you speak spanish

What is 'Venus Flytrap' in Spanish?

There is no translation, it is not used in Spanish. You would have to speak English if you want to say 'Venus Flytrap'.