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es tu bebe pero no importa

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Q: How do you say its your baby but it doesn't matter in spanish?
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How do you say it doesnt matter in Spanish?

No importa, or no tiene nada qué ver.

How do you say no matter what baby in spanish?

Translation: No importa lo que pasa, bebé...

How do you say she doesnt like me in Spanish?

(Ella) no me quiere

How do you say no matter in spanish?

no me importa

How do you say I love you baby in Spanish?

Te amo, nene / nenaTe Amo Baby --- This is not Spanish!

How do you say it doesnt matter in polish?

to nie ma znaczenia

What word do you say before the verb in spanish to say something doesnt happen?


How do you say Kidzania in Spanish?

Kidzania is a proper name, it doesnt have a translation.

How do you say come baby in spanish?

you say: venir beb'e.

How do you say 'me when I was a baby' in Spanish?

You can say "Cuándo era bebé."

How do you say the word baby in spanish?


How do you say my family doesnt under stand in spanish?

Mi familia no entiende