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diviertate, k (accent on the first 'e')

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Q: How do you say k have fun in spanish?
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How you say fun with you in spanish?

I have fun with you: Me divierto contigo.

How do you say it will be fun in spanish?

It will be fun - será diversión

How do you say did have fun in spanish?

Te has disfrutado = Did you have fun

How to say fun in spanish?


Say 'Have fun' in Mexican?

If Mexican is just Spanish then have fun! is : ¡diviértase!

How do you say make fun of in Spanish?


How do you say that was fun in spanish?

Fue Divertido

How do you say it was fun in Spanish?

¡Fue divertido/a!

How do you say we had fun in spanish?

Nos divertimos.

How do you say '' fun '' in spanish?

"Divertido" or "Diversión"

How do you say this in Spanish join the fun learn Spanish?

"Join the fun, learn spanish" would be: ' Únete a la diversión, aprende español'

How do you say 'having fun' in Spanish?

Divertirse = to have fun. Me estoy divirtiendo = I'm having fun.