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"Le Cobra royal".

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Q: How do you say king cobra in french?
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How you say cobra in french?

Cobra is Cobra. :) Because cobra is a Portuguese word meaning "snake", used to describe a snake from the genus "Naja". So yeah, Cobra is the same in French.

Is a king cobra stronger than a lion?

"Probably because they have a lot of venom" A king cobra is probally sly, and wise. Depending on the surroundings, a king cobra could blend in to it's surroundings. And yes, the venom is extremely poisonous. I'd probally have to say king cobra.

What is the difference between a cobra and the king cobra?

What is different from a python and a King cobra is 1. King Cobra's are taller than python's because a python is about 10-15 feet and King cobras are about 20 feet. 2. Pythons have stronger venom the King cobra yeah I know it says King cobra's have the strongest venom in the world, but it doesn't. 3. Pythons squeeze there prey until it is dead King cobra's bite there prey with there fangs which releases deadly venom.

What is the anatomy of a king cobra?

King Cobra

Is a king cobra cannibalistic?

A king cobra will eat other snakes smaller than it,but there is no recorded case where a king cobra has eaten another king cobra.

What do you call a king cobra in Hindi?

king cobra

How can you tell a King Cobra is a King Cobra?


Is the king cobra endangered?

No, the King Cobra is not endangered.

Is a king cobra a frog?

No, a king cobra is not a frog.

What is the most deadysnake?

the king cobra the king cobra

Is the king cobra a cobra?

If you go to the zoo, they might negotiate with you, but the king cobra would be very expensive.

Use the word king cobra in a sentence?

King cobra is the king of snakes.