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How do you say language arts in Spanish?

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Translated literally, "language arts" is "artes de idioma" or, "artes de lengua". But since language arts actually means the study of language(s), then it is translated as "estudio de idiomas" or, "estudio de lenguas".
Lingua = language in Spanish, as well as Latin, such as lingua franca, or common language.

Lengua, on the other hand, means tongue in Spanish.

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What does language arts mean in spanish?

Artes linguisticas

How do you say language arts in french?

arts du langagearts from artlangage means languageHope this help... :D

How do you say arts in spanish?


What language do Spanish people say?


How do you say Spanish language in french?

"L'espagnol" (Spanish) or "la langue espagnole" (the Spanish language).

Do you capitalize the subject Language Arts?

Language arts is not capitalized. School subjects are only capitalized when they are derived from proper nouns (Spanish) or if they are course titles (Algebra III). Subjects like math, science and language arts are not capitalized.

How do you say language arts in Italian?

languanes artes

How do you say martial arts in Spanish?

artes marciales

How do you say she is tall in spanish?

To say the words 'she is tall' in the Spanish language you say 'ella es alta'. These words in the Italian language you say 'e alta'.

What do language arts teacher do?

Language Arts teachers teach you how to spell and say words. They teach you how to read and write. They help you a lot when your out and about the world.

How do you say you are not Spanish In Spanish?

[Tu] no eres español. In the spanish language, you dont tend to say the ' tu'

What does language mean in spanish?

You mean how to say language in Spanish? Idioma or Lengua. Most people say lenguaje now days.

What language is most like Spanish?

Personally, I would say the closest language to Spanish is Italian.

How do you say drive in Spanish language?

'Drive' in Spanish is maneja.

How do you say bachelor of arts in Spanish?

Licenciado en Letras

How do you spell lauage arts?

language arts

How do you say 'Spanish' is Spanish?

español, a españoles, as español (language)

How do you say Spanish language in Spanish?

El idioma español. Also, many areas use the term "castellano" for the Spanish language. Español is simply Spanish in Spanish.

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