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Funnily enough, the common expression in Hebrew used in Israel to mean last chance is "chans acharon" - using the English word "chance" but pronounced a little differently, think British accent. In Hebrew letters it looks like this:

צ'אנס אחרון

Proper Hebrew for this expression would be "heezdamnoot achrona" or:

הזדמנות אחרונה

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last night = etmol balailah (אתמול בלילה)

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Q: How do you say last night in Hebrew?
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about last night = bekesher lemah shekara etmol balailah (בקשר למה שקרה אתמו בלילה)

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You say, "I enjoyed seeing you last night."

How do you say last in Hebrew?

akharon (אחרון)

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aréir is 'last night'.

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to last = arakh (ארך)

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Good Night

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The typical phrase is, "acharon, acharon chaviv" (last is the best)

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How do you say Tuesday Night in Hebrew?

Tuesday night = ערב יום שלישי (erev yom shlishi)