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Q: How do you say learn lots in spanish?
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How Do You Say Well Learn Spanish In Spanish?

You could say "Pues, aprendalo."

You know lots of spanish?

Yeah, I did you mean, How do you say, you know lots of Spanish? If that's the case, then you say,"Sabes mucho español".

How do you say learn in spanish?


How do you say to learn in spanish?


How do you say 'do you want to learn Spanish' in Spanish?

Quieres aprender espanol?

How do you say 'learn' in Spanish?

Aprender is the verb

How do you say lots of colors in Spanish?

Mucho colores.

How do you say this in Spanish join the fun learn Spanish?

"Join the fun, learn spanish" would be: ' Únete a la diversión, aprende español'

How do you say learn the language in Spanish?

You can say "aprenda el idioma".

How do you say 'well learn it' in Spanish?

You could say "Pues, aprendalo."

How do you say learn Spanish in Spanish?

Learn Spanish = Aprender español In Spanish But if you want to learn spanish you can visit e-Tuitions and select spanish language and levels like beginner, intermediate and advance. At cheapest cost Visit now e-Tuitions

What is lots of kisses in Spanish?

You could say "Muchos besos."