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to a male: bo nitrakhets

to a female: boi nitrakhets

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Q: How do you say lets take a bath in Hebrew?
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How do you say lets go for a bath in tulu?


How do you get your Sims to take a bubble bath in The Sims 3?

All you have to do is go to the store and buy the bubble bath (or if you're lucky you could catch it in a box while fishing). Then, when it's in your inventory, go back to your home and move it to the edge of your bathtub. After it's there, you should just be able to click on the bathtub and two options will come up. One will say "Take Bath" and the new option will say "Take Bubble Bath". Click on "Take Bubble Bath" and then your sim will be on their way to taking a bubble bath that will soothe them and relieve stress.

How do you ask your date to dance?

Easy, take their hand and say lets dance.

How do you say 'may I take a bath' in French?

puis-je prendre un bain?

Kya Ahtalam se roza jata hai?

No Ahtalam say Roza nehain toota but you have to take bath once you wake up (but dont do gargals) After Iftari take proper bath

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

How do you ask can you take a bath in spanish?

Depending on who you are asking it may be either formal or informal in spanish. If it is formal you say, "Pueda usted bañarse." In this case it sounds as if you want to ask a person you are familiar with to take a bath so you would say "Puede banarte."

Do you take a bath or have a bath?

Either is correct, but the idiom take a bath (or take a shower) is more frequently used in the US.Take a bath and have a bath are both correct.In older times, the term was "I need to draw a bath." which have stemmed to the more modern way of speech...Neither one is wrong, but:Most likely you will hear people say, "I need to take a bath." If you analyze what this is really saying it sounds like you are literally picking up the bathtub and taking it with you somewhere.If you say, "I need to have a bath." It sounds a little more grammatically correct because you are going to go do the routine of having a bath by getting inside the bathtub.

How do you say has in Hebrew?

Has in Hebrew is: YESH

How do you say ceiling in Hebrew?

"Tikra" (תקרה) is how you say ceiling in Hebrew.

Why is a shower better than a bath?

For a woman, I would say because when you take a bath bacteria from the water can enter the opening to your urinary tract and cause a severe bladder infection. Aside from that, when your in a bath your basically sitting in your filth

What do you say in Latin City of Bath?

"City of Bath" = "Balnei civitas". (Bath's City).