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vive en calle cuatro

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Q: How do you say lives on fourth street in spanish?
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How do you say street on Spanish?

"street" in Spanish is "la calle".

How do you say 'fourth' in Spanish?

Cuarta is the Spanish word for "fourth".

What is correct your friend lives in Broad Street or your friend lives at Broad Street?

Your friend lives on Broad Street is the correct form.You would say: Your friend lives in Albany.You would say: Your friend lives at the corner of Broad Street and River Road.

How do you say streets in spanish?

street in spanish = calle

How do you say Fourth set in spanish?

Cuarto set.

How do you say how do you like fourth period in spanish?

la cuarta hora(fourth period)

How do you say street smart in Spanish?

The word for street smart is: vivo(a).

How do you say he lives in Spanish?


How do you say run down the street in spanish?


How do you say cuarto in Spanish?

KWAR-toh. It means either "a quarter (as in one fourth)", or the ordinal number "fourth".

What calle mean in Spanish?

''Calle'' means street in Spanish.

How do you say seventh Street in spanish?

La calle septima