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You just said it! Mono is Monkey in Spanish. Or is it there another meaning

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Q: How do you say mono in spanish?
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How do you say monkey in spanish?

monkey: el mono. Monkey= monoMonkey = mono

How do you say mongoose in spanish?

mono but folks say chango

How do you say monkey dish in Spanish?

You could say "mono pequeño" or "monito".

How do you say hes cute in spanish?

You can say "Él es muy mono."

How do you say a cute puppy in spanish?

Un Cachorro mono (:

How do you say monkey lover in spanish?

amante del mono

How do you say you smell like monkey in spanish?

hueles a mono

How do you say ape in spanish?

There are two words that can mean "ape" in Spanish. They are "simio" and "mono." Simio is pronounced, "SEE-me-oh." Mono is pronounced, "MOW-no."

How do you say monkey bit me in Spanish?

Translation: El mono me mordió.

How do you say skate boarding in spanish?

monopatin (pronounced mono pahteen)

How do you say your alittle monkey in spanish?

Su un mono pequeño is the translation

How do you say you're a crazy monkey in Spanish?

Eres un mono loco.