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Yo soy mi limpieza del suelo de mi cocina.

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you could say Lavar con agua which means wash with water.

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Q: How do you say mopping my kitchen in spanish?
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What things are found in the kitchen that start with the letter m?

a mopping mom

How you say kitchen in spanish?

la cocina

How do you say a modern kitchen in spanish?

cocina moderna

How do you say beautiful kitchen in spanish?

Beautiful Kitchen = Cocina Bonita (Koh-see-nah)

How do you say 'Spanish kitchen'?

"La cocina española". This could also be translated as "Spanish cuisine".

How do you say 'the cook's kitchen' in Spanish?

la cocina del cocinero

How you say kitchen cabinet refacing in spanish?

Rectificado de alacena

How do you say kitchen is closed in spanish?

Translation: Cocina esta cerrada

How do you say don't play in the kitchen in spanish?

You can say "No te juegas en la cocina".

What is kitchen Spanish?

Kitchen in Spanish is "cocina."

How do you you say Rosa's Kitchen in Spanish Language?

La cocina de Rosa.

How do you say hood as in the kitchen in Spanish?

la campana de la cocina