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Buenos días is good morning. There are a bunch of ways to say darling. Here are a couple:

cariño - darling

corazón - my heart

mi cielo - my sky

mi amor - my love

mi vida - my life

So you would just have to say Buenos días cariño to say good morning darling. Or choose a word that you like saying.

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Q: How do you say morning darling in spanish?
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How do you say good morning darling in french?

mon cheri

How do you say good morning darling in welsh?

Bore da, cariad.

How you say 'good morning' in Spanish?

"Good morning" in Spanish is "buenos días".

How do you say goodnight my darling to a male in spanish?

The same way you do a female

How do you say nothing darling in spanish?

nada.. its just the same as saying no..

How do you say it was forty degrees in Miami this morning in Spanish?

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How do you say I am well too my darling in Spanish?

Estoy bien también, cariño.

How to say morning in spanish?


What is morning in Spanish?

Mañana . To say good morning "buenos días"

How do you say darling in spanish?

Literal translation is , "mi querido"

How do you say hi darling for him in spanish?

Hola, cariño. This actually works for both sexes.

How do you say rainy morning in Spanish?

You say, "mañana lluviosa."