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How do you say my name is in polish?

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nazywam się... nazywam się...

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How do you say Tyler in polish?

Tyler is a name, it is untranslatable. In Polish you also say "Tyler".

How do you say the name Lisa in polish?

i think Eliza is the polish equvalent name for Lisa

How do you spell Jennifer in polish?

There is no Polish version of that name. You can just say Jennifer.

How do you say miley in polish?

There is no Polish version of this name. You can just use "Miley".

How do you say my name is mia in polish?

"My name is Mia" in Polish is "Mam na imiÄ™ Mia".

How do you say Adrian in polish?

Adrian- same as in English because that name is Polish too

How do you say Leah in polish in polish?

I don't think there is any similar name to Leah.

How do you say Sarah in Polish?

Our equivalent to that name is "Sara".

How do you say Polish in Polish?

Polish in Polish is "Polski".

How do you say the name Derek in polish?

It's pronounced the same as in English.

How do you spell Jessica in polish?

Jessica is my name to. there is no real name for jessica in polish. if you say jessica in polish it will turn out to be yessitsa. so to spell it would probably be dzesika even though it looks wierd

How do you say no in polish?

"No" in Polish is "Nie".

How would you say five in Polish?

This is how you say five in Polish: Pięć

How you say today in polish?

this is how you say today in polish: dzisiaj :PPP

How do you say Brandon in polish?

I wanted to find out also how do you say Brandon In polish?

How do you say will do in Polish?

this is how you say will do in Polish:da sie zrobićThanks, :PPP

What is the name of polish trade union?

The English name of the Polish Trade Union is "Solidarity". The Polish name is Solidarność.

How do you say the name Teresa in Polish?

It is the same :Teresa , you would say it something like Te-ra-sa

How do you say 4 in Polish?

4 in Polish is "cztery". 4th in Polish is "czwarty".

How do you say my polish family?

"My Polish family" in Polish is "moja polska rodzina".

Is Cecylia a Polish name?

Yes, Cecylia is a Polish name.

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