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anamos a nuestros padres. Is We love our parents.

Sincerly,Lilly Jamaica Perez ,Older Sister of two and Younger to one. PEACE wish you all happy 4th of July 2011 XD lol!
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Mis padres son amorosos y se preocupan por mi.

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Amo a mis padres en todo lo espa

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Q: How do you say my parents are loving and caring in Spanish?
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How do you say my family is very caring and loving of me in spanish?

mi familia es muy cariñoso

How do you say my family is loving and caring?

Exactly the way you have said it: My family is loving and caring.

How do you say Iam a very nice passionate caring and loving person in spanish?

Soy un persona muy simpatico, apasionante, cariñoso, y afectuoso

How do you say with loving friendship in spanish?

"With Loving Friendship" English "Con Amistad Afectuousa" Spanish

What kind of personality does Mallory's have?

loving caring cant say no always there for you is beautiful

How do you say loving in spanish?

There are several Spanish translations for the English word 'loving'. In Spanish it can be amar, amoroso, carinoso, or de amante.

What is another way to say that a person is loving or caring?

Look in a thesaurus and check synonyms

How do you say loving sisters in spanish?

Hermanas cariñosas.

How do you say considerate and caring in Spanish?

atento y cariñoso

How do you say loving my boyfriend in spanish?

Amando mi novio

How do you say loving sports in spanish?

Loving sports would translate to love of sports or Amor de Deportes.

How do you say this in spanish - loving my baby?

Amor de mi bebé.