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Quatre-vingts seize.

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Q: How do you say ninety six in French?
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How do you spell the number ninety six in french?

The number ninety six in french is .....QUATRE-VINGT SEIZE

How do you say 96 in German?

sechsundneunzig, literally six-and-ninety

How do you say ninety six in Spanish?

Noventa y seis

How do you say ninety one in french?

quatre vingt onze

How do you say ninety five in french?

quatre-vingt quinze.

How do you say 5698?

Five thousand, six hundred ninety-eight.

How do you say 8.096 in word form?

Eight and ninety-six thousandths.

How do you say ninety-seven in French?

quatre-vingt dix-sept

Where is the Ninety-Six Branch Library in Ninety-Six located?

The address of the Ninety-Six Branch Library is: 100 South Cambridge Street, Ninety-Six, 29666 1111

How do you say 19694000?

Nineteen million, six hundred and ninety-four thousand.

Where is the Ninety Six Historical Society in Ninety Six South Carolina located?

The address of the Ninety Six Historical Society is: 1010 Redbud Ln, Ninety Six, SC 29666-8849

How do you spell six hundred and seventy five in French?

six (six) cent (hundred) soixante-quinze (In french seventy and ninety are special in France the pronociation of seventy five in literal is sixty fifteen but in other country who speak french they say "septante cinq". Septante in literal is seventy but nobody in France used it. Conclusion : French france/Africa : six cent soixante-quinze French Quebec/Belgium/Switzerland... : six cent septante cinq