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There are many types on how to say because in Korean on different types of sentence. Here are two ways:

  • 므로 (meuro)

    - Example: 이미 익숙해 있으므로 (imi igsughae isseumeuro) - "Because they're already used to it"

  • 때문에 (ttaemune)

    - Example: 너 때문에 행복해요 (na ttaemune haengboghaeyo) - "I'm happy because of you."

  • 왜냐하면 (weh-nya-hah-myun)
- Example: 나 시험망쳤어, 왜냐하면 공부를 안했거든. (na shi-hum-mang-hetso, weh-nya-hah-myun gong-boo rool ahn-het-goh-doon) - "I failed the test, because I didn't study."
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Q: How do you say okay in Korean language?
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