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hoja de pedidos

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Q: How do you say ordering sheet in spanish?
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How do you say 'I have a sheet of paper' in Spanish?

To say 'I have a sheet of paper' in Spanish, you would say 'Tengo una hoja de papel.'

How do you say sheets in spanish?

Bedsheets are 'savanas'

How do you say 'one sheet keeps cleaning' in Spanish?

To say 'one sheet keeps cleaning' you would say 'una hoja limpia y limpia.'

Cisco unity connection 7.0 ordering guide?

There is no direct ordering Guide from Cisco. The closest thing is the data sheet.

How do you say I'll have lemon with that in Spanish?

un limón con eso ( or esa if what you are ordering is a feminine noun) , por favor.

How do you say the sheet of paper in spanish?

la hoja de papel ( la oha day pap-el)

Where can you get free sheet music for war song by Phamie Gow?

For ordering Phamie's Moments of Time CD and/or sheet music/book please email:

How do Irish people say sheet?


What is po sheet?

its a purchase order sheet, it is used when ordering from a purveyor so you have a hard copy of what was ordered the night before. so whoever is checking in the order in the morning or when ever can verify that the order is correct.

How do you translate sheet protector to Spanish?

protector de sabana

How do you say to ask in Spanish?

The verb "preguntar" in Spanish is used in order to ask a question or inquire about someone or something. This is the infinitive form of the verb "to ask". However, the verb "pedir" is used when borrowing, ordering, or requesting something. Also, to invite a person somewhere, the verb "invitar" is used.

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Let loose the main sheet when I say the word. Let another sheet loose. Haul in the main sheet!