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Originally in Spanish is: originalmente. You could also say: Primero.

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Q: How do you say originally in Spanish?
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How do you say originally from in spanish?

originalmente de....

How do you say Colorado in spanish?

Colorado is originally a Spanish word. So, that's how to spell it.

What does madelaine julbert mean in Spanish?

If the name is not IN Spanish, then it has no meaning in Spanish. If you want to know how to say that name in Spanish, you would say it the same as you say it in English, since it has no translation in Spanish. Many names have no translation in languages other than the one they are in originally.

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Bailey has no Spanish name!bailey is a given name from the English.i would also be happy to tell you what bailey means.bailey originally means: jailerThanks O_O

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How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.

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How to say "hi" in spanish is Hola. How to say "bye" in spanish is Adios.

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how do you say sister in spanish

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