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the french word for panties is "bobettes"

panties in french

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How do you say girls panties in French?

Les culottes

How do you say Take off your panties in French?

Retire tes sous-vêtements / tes dessous

What does culottes mean in french?

panties (for a girl)

What do you do when you catch a boy dressed in panties?

I would say to the him, 'Yes I know male panties are uncomfortable."

How do you say my panties are wet?

Open your mouth and say it. Pretty simple(:

How do you say panties in Portuguese?

depends on the type but "cuecas" will do. "Cuequinhas" also work being the "sweet" way of saying panties

What size panties does Carrie Underwood wear?

They are a size 7 and she prefers French cut.

How do you get your boyfriend to wear panties?

just ask him he can only say yes or no

How do you ask a girl for her dirty panties?

You ask her if she would let you have a pair of her dirty panties. Needless to say, you should offer to replace them with new ones. If you don't know the girl well enough to ask for her dirty panties, you will have to get to know her better!

Is it wrong to sniff your mother panties?

For pleasure, most would say so.

How do you tell a girl that's your friend that you like panties?

You say: I want to see your panties. When she pulls her pants down pull her undies off and stick your penis inside her.

What are more popular Nylon or cotton panties?

Cotton panties for women...nylon panties for men.

How do say 'she' in French?

In French, to say 'she' , you say:Elleeg. elle s'appelle comment?In French, to say 'he', you say:Il

Girls panties for boys?

if you are a boy and they are on you then they are just panties

What kind of panties do women prefer nylon or cotton?

i'd say cotton bikini ones

How do you say 'say' in french?

to say is the verb 'dire' in French.

If you came on the panties and woman wears that panties can she get pregnant?

Even if it is wet, the semen cannot get out of the material of the panties or any clothes, semen cannot go through clothes and it cannot leave the panties even if the women puts her panties on, the semen dies when it mixes with panties or any other clothes.

How do you say meatballs in french?

to say meatballs in french you say: boulettes

How do you say the word say in french?

The verb 'to say' is 'dire' in French.

How do you say How do you say Hello in French?

Hello in French is Bonjour Hi in French is Salut How are you is Ça va Bye in French is Au revoir To say "How do you say Hello?" in French, you would say "Comment dit-on bonjour?"

Why Girls who wear no panties?

Well they should be wearing panties

How do you say Alyssa in french?

How do you say alyssa in french

How do you say zooplankton in french?

In French, you say "zooplancton".

How do you say captain in French?

In french you say Capitaine

How do you say cheeto's is french?

how to you say cheetos in french

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