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Panza is the Spanish word for "Stomach"

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Q: How do you say panza in English?
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What is the Capital of Panza?

There is no capital of Panza. Panza is a small town in Italy that is in the Naples region. There are only about 7,000 people who live in Panza, which is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

When was Sancho Panza created?

Sancho Panza was created in 1605.

When did Giuseppe Panza die?

Giuseppe Panza died in 2010.

When was Giuseppe Panza born?

Giuseppe Panza was born in 1923.

Who is sancho panza?

Don Quixote was Sancho Panza's master.

What has the author Rino Panza written?

Rino Panza has written: 'La scala'

When was Derek Panza born?

Derek Panza was born on 1971-02-16.

What book is Sancho Panza from?

Don Quixote de la mancha is the name of the book that Sancho Panza is from.

What is the name of the companion of don quixote?

Sancho Panza

What does Sancho Panza promise to respect as would the Sabbath day?

don quixote, what does sancho panza promise to respect?

What actors and actresses appeared in The Panza Monologues - 2009?

The cast of The Panza Monologues - 2009 includes: Virginia Grise as Performer

What is the name of sancho panza horse?