How do you say park in urdu?

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In Urdu
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What is Urdu?

Urdu is an Indo-European language - it is the national language ofPakistan and one of 23 national languages spoken in India. It's awritten variant of Hindustani. The language itself was born out ofthe Delhi court during the eras of the Delhi Sultanate and theMughal Empire. It emerged as a result of ( Full Answer )

How do you say hello in urdu?

In Pakistan the Muslims uses the Arabic greating to say Hello! "Assalam-u-alaikum." which lit. means 'Peace be upon you.'

How do you say go to the park in Spanish?

ir al parque = (to) go to the park ve/id al parque = go to the park (singular, plural - informal) vaya/vayan al parque = go to the park (singular, plural - formal)

How do you say 'Happy New Year' in Urdu?

'Happy New Year!' would be "Nayya Saal Mubarak!" 'New Year's blessings to you' would be "naya saal mubarik hu" :NayA sAl mubArak ho You can also say, "Saal e Nou Mubarak."

How do you say hi in urdu?

Hi: Salam . Good Morning: Assalamulaikum/ Suba Mubarik . Good Evening: Assalamulaikum . You can always just say Assalamulaikum that its one way a person mostly greets others. .

How do you say toilet in urdu?


How do you say Good Luck in Urdu?

Since Urdu is the official language of a nationally Islamic country, the common phrasing for good luck invokes the name of Allah. The phrasing is "Allah ka fazal ho."

How do you say i love you in urdu?

A guy would say: "Main tum say muhabbat kerta hoon" A girl would say: "Main tum say muhabbat kerti hoon" another way you can say it is "mai aap se pyare kerti(a) hoo" reference: a word such as kerti ending with and 'i' usually is used by a girl for a guy it is ended with an 'a' so it would be ker ( Full Answer )

How do you say YOU in Urdu?

If you are a kid and you are talking to an adult then you say " aap" but if you are talking to someone your age you can say"tum".

How do you say thank you in urdu?

shukriya ( shuk-ri-ya) i am from Pakistan but i don't know how to write it but ill tell you one thing this is how you say it . shukriya! lol!! xoxo Thank you is " Shukriya " in Pakistani Language.. Pakistani Language is known as " URDU "

How do you say grandma in urdu?

It depends on which side of the family you are asking. If it is you father's side you will say "dadee". But if it is your mom's side you would say "nanee". :D

How do you say im tired in urdu?

میں تھکا ہوا ہوں (for male). میں تھکی ہوئی ہوں (for female). Main thaka hua hun.. Main thaki hui hun.

How do you say i love your picture in urdu?

say this: mujhay aap kee tasveer buhat pasand aee hai. majhay:me or I Aap:you tasveer= picture buhat pasand: like it very much aee hai = to finish the sentence

What did Rosa Parks say or do?

The most prominent act by Rosa Parks (1913-2005) is not what she said, but what she did, on December 1, 1955 in Montgomery Alabama. In protest against the racial segregation laws aboard city buses, she refused to give up her seat so that a white person could sit down. The law allowed bus drivers to ( Full Answer )

How do you say i want you in Urdu?

We say it like this" mujhay tummhari aroorat hai". میں آپ کو دیکھنا چاہتے ہیں

How do you say good bye in urdu?

You say: "Allah Hafiz". This is actually an Arabic phrase, but Urdulinguists also use it because it means "May peace be upon you."

How in urdu?

یللو کیا حل ہے= It means Hello, how are you? That's how u write in Urdu, Hope that helped

What you say Saturday in urdu?

hafta and yeah also that in urdu hafta also means week. I know urdu bco I'm a native speaker :D

How do you say lock the door in urdu?

Say : darwazaa lock karo. or darwazaa band karo Note: the 'd' is soft so for example the word 'dog' has a hard sound. Don't do that! I'm warning you It looks funny.

How do say life in urdu?

dil is life or love or heart like for example Mera dil tu both acha he My life is very good.

How do you say secret in urdu?

raaz Another word for it is "Khoofiya". It depends on the sentence on which word is to be used eg If you want to say, "This is secret information", you'd use "khoofiya" as, "Yay Khoofiya malomaat hain". If you want to say, "Its secret(something hidden in a mystical type of sense)", you'd say, "Yay ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when it says park hopper?

A park hopper is a ticket purchase option at Disney parks. The PARK HOPPER pass is designed for flexability by giving you the opportunity to visit more than one park in the same day. You choose the number of days you want to visit and the ticket will give you unlimited admissions at any time to eith ( Full Answer )

How do you say a husband in urdu?

Mian ( this word is used as respect for man like Mian Nawaz Sharif or any other name) Shohar (it means husband)

How to say hello good morning in Urdu?

Actually we don't say good morning or hello. We say Assalam o Alaikum which means Peace be upon you. And the latter replies with Walakum Salam which means Peace be upon you too.

How to say how are you in Urdu?

Aap ka kya haal hai? (Formal, M/F) Tumhara kya haal hai? (Informal, M/F) Colloquial: Aap kaisay ho? (Formal, Male/Female) Tum kaisay ho? (Informal, Male) Tum kaisi ho? (Informal, Female) Kya haal hai? (Informal, M/F) Kaisay ho? (Inf., M) Kaisi ho? (Inf., F)

What you say urdu word behosh in english?

Unconscious Meaning, Not conscious; lacking awareness and the capacity for sensory perception as if asleep or dead "lay unconscious on the floor"

How do say good luck in urdu?

in urdu when we say Allah Hafiz.... it does not mean 'Peace be upon you"... it means .. may ALLAH ALMIGHTY (creator of everything) protects you... it is an arabic term and urdu term as well...... kindly don't say such things, you have no idea about. no doubts ALLAH is the Master of all..

How do you say safari park in Cantonese?

Cantonese is one of thousands of dialects of Chinese. Safari Park in Chinese is written as " 野 生 动 物 园 ", pronounced in Cantonese as " 野 [ je5 ] 生 [ sang1 ] 动 [ dung6 ] 物 [ mat6 ] 园 [ jyun4 ] " .

How do you say I want pizza in Urdu?

its' meh neh pizza kahna say it how it is spelled (meh-neh-peezzuh kahneh) and they will understand you but you dont really need to learn to say i want pizza urdu people also understand english

What says Islam intercourse in mouth of wife in urdu?

It is Un-Islamic, unnatural, inhuman, vulgarity and perversion. Mouth is the most sacred part of human body meant for taking Halal food, and reciting the holy Qur'an, reciting prayer. Only a perverted man can do this. May Allah Karim guide us to the right path and save us from Satan. A'meen.

Who is it in urdu?

In urdu for saying who is it you say "kon hai" say it like "kauunhai!"