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Q: How do you say pe kit in spanish?
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How do you say PE kit in french?

Trousse d'éducation physique.

How do you say dyspena in spanish?


How do you say rapido in spanish?

trill the r than say a-pe-do

How do you say PE in spanish?

PE, or physical education, is "educación física."

How do you say PE class in spanish?

"Clase de educación física"

What is the word 'pe' when translated from Spanish to English?

Pe is how the sound for the letter P would be spelled in Spanish.

Pickle in Spanish?

How do you say you arrive at 230 pm in spanish?

Llega a las 2:30 (dos treinta) PM (pe eme)

How do you spell PE in Spanish?

educación físico

Where would you find a copy of Window PE?

try checking that's where i download my stuff

How do you say PE in Japanese?

PE (physical education) is 体育 (taiiku) in Japanese.

Is there a difference between PE and sports?

PE is physical education so I say it isn't