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Q: How do you say peach in Spanish?
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How do you say 'peach' in Spanish?

'Peach' in Spanish is 'durazno.'

How do you say 'peaches' in Spanish?

'Peach' in Spanish is 'durazno.'

How do you say color peach in Spanish?

color durazno

How do you say peach pie in Spanish?

tarta de melocot'on

What is peach in Spanish?

Peach in Spanish is el melocoton with an accent mark above the last o. Hope I helped!

How do you say Peach Tea in French?

Peach The

How do you say peach in Hawaiian?

Peach = Piki

What is the color peach in Spanish?


How do you write peach in spanish?


How do you say hot peach pie?

hot peach pie

What does durazno mean in Spanish?

durazno - peach

Is princess peach or cure peach better?

This is my opinion: Princess Peach is better. Anyone can say Cure Peach is better on That Princess Peach is better. So yeah U kinda get it

Are Mario and Peach Cousins?

No. Mario & Princess Peach are boyfriend and girlfriend despite what people say about Princess Peach. :-)

Some foods that start with a D in spanish?

Damasco ( that is very similar to the peach) Durazno ( that in English will be : peach) Dulces ( candies) Donas ( donuts)

Is peach different from pink?

I would say peach is different from pink. Peach is more in the Orange family and Pink is more in the Red family. :D

How do you say peach in Russian?


How do you say peach in Croatian?


How do you say peach in Japanese?

momo桃 (momo) is the Japanese word for Peach.Note: The name "Peach" (like Princess Peach in Mario) is ピーチ (piichi).

Who requested super princess peach?

i would say some super girl fan of princess peach

Who is hotter samus or peach?

It's everyone's different opinion. I would say Peach is prettier. (not hotter)

How is the mantle of the Earth compatible to the flesh of a peach?

they both are the biggest part of earth or peach as u may say

Can hamsters drink peach juice?

I would say to stick to giving them water as peach juice could get sticky in their fur.

How ddo you say ophra in Spanish?

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

How do you say Connie in Spanish?

how do you say Connie in spanish?

How do you say don't speak any Spanish in Spanish?

To say, "I don't speak Spanish" in Spanish, you would say "No hablo español."