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Personalpronomen is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

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Q: How do you say personal pronoun in German?
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What is a Zlich ich?

Zlich is not a German word. Ich means I, the personal pronoun. Zilch is English for nothing and is also not a German word.

Is them a possessive pronoun or personal pronoun?

The pronoun 'them' is a personal pronoun, the third person plural pronoun.

Is a subject pronoun a personal pronoun?

Yes, a subjective pronoun is a type of personal pronoun. A personal pronoun replaces the names of people + things. Subjective and Objective pronoun both belongs in the personal pronoun category.

How do you say them in Spanish?

them = ellos (not personal pronoun way) (to) them = (a) ellos (for) them = (para) ellosellos

What pronoun is a third personal pronoun?

I'm not sure what you mean by a 'third personal pronoun'; the third person, personal pronounsare he, him, she, her, it, they, or them.

What kind of noun or pronoun corresponds with myself?

The kind of noun or pronoun that corresponds with myself is a reflexive pronoun. The personal pronoun that would be used in this case is 'I'. In reflexive form you would say 'myself'.

What does pronoun 'I' replace?

The personal pronoun "I" takes the place of a singular noun or name for the person speaking. The personal pronoun "I" is the subjective form. The corresponding objective personal pronoun is "me".

What are the personal pronoun and the possessive pronoun in Does she have the stamina to climb to the top of the cathedral tower?

There is only one pronoun in the sentence: she. It is a personal pronoun.

How is the underlined pronoun in the sentence used whom did she say would meet us at the swimming pool?

"Whom did she say would meet us at the swimming pool."The pronouns in the sentence are:whom = Incorrect use of the objective interrogative pronoun. The correct subjective interrogative pronoun is 'who'.she = Correct use of the subjective personal pronoun as the subject of the verb 'say'.us = Correct use of the objective personal pronoun as the direct object of the verb 'meet'.

What kind of pronoun is 'they'?

The pronoun 'they' is the third person, plural, subjective, personal pronoun; 'they' is also an indefinite pronoun when used for people in general. Example uses:Personal pronoun: The Longs are coming to dinner. Theywill be here at six.Indefinite pronoun: They say that it will rain tomorrow.

Is me a relative pronoun or a personal pronoun?

"Me" is a personal pronoun, specifically an object pronoun. It is used to refer to the person who is the object of a verb or preposition. Relative pronouns, on the other hand, introduce a subordinate clause in a sentence.

What of speech is me?

'Me' is a pronoun. Specifically, it is a personal pronoun.