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Q: How do you say picnic in Spanish?
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How do you say i am bringing in Spanish?

if you were trying to say "I am bringing ____ to the picnic" for example you would say "traigo/estoy trayendo _____a la jira (to the picnic)"

How do you say packlunch in Spanish?

'Comida para llevar' or when traveling, 'un picnic' (that's how it's called at hotels.)

How do you say picnic in greek?

pronounced piknik

Is 'go picnic at the weekend' correct?

We do not use "at" with days. We say "on the weekend" or "for the weekend." Go picnic on the weekend.

How do you say to have a picnic in French?

To have a picnic is "pique-niquer" (verb) in French.

How do you say Family Picnic in French?

pique-nique familial

What does tios amo no picnic punto Avon taje but to bes?

If you want this translated then it means "love you guys no point Avon picnic dress But to bes?" this is translated from Spanish to English using Google Translate

Does picnic have a long or short vowel?

yes because it doesn't say something like we instead of sounding like hi.

Is the word picnic an adjective?

No, picnic is a noun (a picnic) and a verb (to picnic).

How do you say picnic in french?

couverture de pique-nique

What is the best what to propose to someone?

What you need to do is take her on a picnic with a picnic basket. When she opens the picnic basket you should have the ring on top of a napkin and then you ask her "______ will you marry me?". I am sure she will say yes. Please tell me what she says!!! I'm happy to help!! Good luck

How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.