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Valor Posicional

El valor de dónde se encuentra el dígito en el número, como unidades, decenas, centenas, etc.

En 352, el valor Posicional del 5 es "decenas".

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Tabla de Valores

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Q: How do you say place value in spanish?
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Is there a place value chart in Spanish?

Yes, there is place value chart in Spanish.

How do you say in spanish value?

valor (bahLORR)

What is a spanish mauser 7mm worth?

rsi would say the value of the spanish mauser and bayonet value at 695.99 dollars

How do you say ninth place in spanish?

You can say "el noveno lugar".

How do you answer where are you in Spanish?

well to ask the question in spanish you say "donde estas?" To reply you say " estoy en (place)".

How do say place in spanish?

Place as in a location is "lugar/sitio" To place = "colocar/situar"

How do you say perfect place in spanish?

sitio perfecto

How do you say twelfth place in spanish?

Posicíon Duodecimo

How do you say in Spanish the place that you were born?

Nací en [place]. It means "I was born en [place]"

How do you say sutters place in spanish?

You might say "el lugar de los Sutter." It literally means "the place of the Sutters." 'Los Sutter' means "The Sutters" in Spanish.

How do you say the word place in Spanish?

It depends on its usage; If "place" is used as a verb, the Spanish equivalent would be "colocar." As a verb, "place" would be "lugar" or "sitio."

How do you say important place in spanish?

Important place= "lugar importante" or "sitio importante."