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Las raíces de las plantas

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Q: How do you say plant roots in spanish?
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How do you say plants in Spanish?

'Plant' in Spanish is 'plantas.'

Are roots a plant?

The roots are the part of a plant not a plant

The roots of a plant are?

the roots of a plant is what is under the ground and makes the plant grow :)

Which part of a plant anchors it to the ground?

the answer is the roots

What part of the plant anchors the plant?

their roots or rhizomes in mosses and ferns

Will plants make food if you cut the roots?

As Science say the roots are the most important part because it delivers the nutrients to the whole plant so MAYBE, the plant cannot make food if u cut the roots

What are the roots of a plant?

the roots of a plant is what is under the ground and makes the plant grow :)

What are the roots for a plant for?

this is the answer the roots for a plant is for the plant to grow and it will help the plant into it's proper thing!

What does gravitropism affect?

Gravitropism affects the roots of a plant, so say when you turn it on its side, after a while its roots will make an "L" shape.

What do roots do to a plant?

The roots supply nutrients and water to the plant.

What part of a plant holds the plant into the ground?

The roots

Are plant roots an organ?

Yes - plant roots are a vegetative organ.