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Well the most formal way (Which is best to use in Japan) is "Sumi masen" which is like "excuse me" also another way is "Gomen nasai", but it is more like "I'm sorry."

Other expressions like 'ano...' & 'shitsurei desu ga' can also be used.

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Onsha no sā.


Onsha (恩赦) means 'amnesty', which while being another word for 'pardon', is likely not what the question is asking for. Come on guys, Google translate is not a very good tool for giving language advice.

To say 'pardon sir' would simply be sumimasen (済みません), which is used for "excuse me", "pardon me", "sorry", etc.

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Shitsureishimasu しつれいします

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Q: How do you say please exuse me in Japanese?
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"Sumi masen" Pronounced: "Sue me mass N"

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