How do you say please read nicely?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: How do you say please read nicely?
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Is 'the children are began to read nicely now' correct grammar?

It should be "The children are BEGINNING to read nicely, now." ... though a better word than "nicely" would be to say "The children are beginning to read better" or "to read well"

How do you make your friend make you food?

Ask them nicely, but always say please

Is it rude to get up before everyone is done eating?

yes it is but all u have to do is say "excuse me may i please get up" nicely of may i be excused , say it nicely

Is it correct to say please read message below from?

"Please read the message below from..."

What would you say if a customer was yelling?

You tell the customer nicely to please stop yelling and use an indoor voice.

How do you tell friend that has falling in love with you that your current boyfriend read the message he sent to you saying that he loves you?

say it nicely

How do you ask for a autograph politely?

sorry to bother you but i am such a big fan could i please have your auto graph or could i have a picture with you please?

What is a way to ask a person to stay out of the situation?

well,if you wanna say it nicely tell them nicely say:i can handle this please dont get involved but thanks anyway and then if you were planning to be harsh say:back off,just stay out of it..............will you?

How do you tell someone to shut up nicely?

Be quiet please Be quiet please

How do you say please read in Chinese?

请看 Qǐng kàn

Is it wrong for a student to tell the teacher to write neater?

A little bit. I think if you can't read it you can say "Could you please write a little neater? I'm having a hard time understanding what you write."Remember to ask nicely or the teacher might become a little angry.

How to say no to a boy that asks you out nicely?

tell him your flattered that he took the time to ask you out nicely but its a no...