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La politica

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Q: How do you say polite in Spanish?
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How do you say in spanish language' How are you?

"¿Cómo estás?" or in a polite way you can say: ¿Cómo está usted?

Skinny in Spanish?

flaco but if ur being polite you should say "delgado" =)

How do you say wake up please in spanish?

The polite form is, "Despierte por favor."

How do you say in spanish what are you saying?

If you're concerned about being polite, you say, "¿Qué dice usted?' ( K DEE-say oo-stead?) If you're NOT concerned about being polite, you say, "¿Qué dices? (K DEE-ses?)

How do you say think of tomorrow in Spanish?

"Piense usted en mañana," (polite) or "Piensate en mañana."

Is it polite to say to someone 'No you are disgusting'?

It is not polite to say "No, You are disgusting." But if this person is rude then you do have a right to say it. If not, its not polite.

What does entren mean in spanish?

Come in (plural you, polite or familiar in Spanish America; only polite in Spain) Present subjuctive (presente de subjuntivo): May they come in May you come in (polite or familiar in Spanish-America; only polite in Spain)

What does aprenden mean in spanish?

You learn (informal / polite you, plural in Spanish-America; only polite in Spain)They learn

How do you say do you travel in spanish?

In polite conversation, you say, "Viaja Ud.?" More informally you say, "Viajas tú?" or simply, "Viajas?"

How do you say its cool outside in spanish?

Afuera está fresco.LOOK THE DIFFERENCE:Esta (muchacha) --- This (girl)Está --- It is / he is / she is / you are (polite you, singular)

How do you say 'hi how are you' in Spanish?

Hola ¿Cómo estás? If you want to be polite: Buenos días. ¿Cómo está usted?

How do you say 'shut up' in Spanish?

"¡Cállate!" or "Cállese", but the nature of the statement is not "formal".