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How to sign POOP:
Make the "thumbs up" sign with you right hand. Grasp the thumb of the right hand with the left hand and close your fist around it. Pull your thumb down and out of your fist.

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Q: How do you say poop in American sign language?
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How do you say 'bible' in american sign language?

To say "bible" in American Sign Language you would sign "Jesus" then "book."

How do you say poop in sign?

This is for American Sign Language. I do not know sign in any other language Make a fist with one hand and point your thumb up. Grab your thumb with your other hand. Pull your thumb out of your hand that's grabbing it.

How do you say you are being silly in American Sign Language?

You would say this with the sign for "you" and the sign for "silly."

How do you say ryhthm and blues using sign language? is an online visual dictionary for American Sign Language.

How do you say hello in American sign language?

Wave and smile.

What has the author Elaine Costello written?

Elaine Costello has written: 'Random House Webster's American Sign Language dictionary' -- subject(s): American Sign Language, Dictionaries 'Random House Webster's American Sign Language Legal Dictionary' 'Say it by signing' -- subject(s): Deaf, Education, English language, Sign language, Study and teaching 'Grandmothers Say It Best' 'Random House Webster's American Sign Language Computer Dictionary' 'Infinitives and gerunds' 'Verbs, past, present, and future (Structured tasks for English practice)' 'Religious signing' -- subject(s): American Sign Language, Christianity, Church work with the deaf, Dictionaries, Judaism, Sign language, Terminology, American sign language 'Random House Webster's pocket American sign language dictionary' -- subject(s): American Sign Language, Dictionaries

How do you say the word voice in American Sign Language?

See related link for the sign.

How do say the in sign language?

You don't. Like many spoken languages such as Russian and Latin, American Sign Language has no signs for articles such as "the" and "a".

How do you say me in sign langue?

The signs for the word 'me' in American Sign Language are to point to your own chest or to point your right first finger to the palm of your left hand. You can find any sign on the American Sign Language website.

How do you say down in sign language?

It depends on which sign language you are talking about. If you are talking about American Sign Language, the sign is made by using your index finger to point downward. This is also the sign for feet and ground, depending on context.

How do you say question in American sign language?

Trace a question mark sign in the air with your index finger.

How do you say please in American sign language?

Rub the chest over the heart