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Depending on context, pretty can be translated as:


sie ist hübsch - she is pretty


Er ist ziemlich gut - he is pretty good

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"pretty" translates as "Hübsch" or "schön".

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Q: How do you say pretty in German?
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How do you say she is pretty in German?

She is pretty = Sie ist hübsch.

How do you say loud in German?

Laut--> pretty similiar, huh?

How do you reply in German when someone say du bist hubsch?

It means: you are pretty. so you may just say thank you (danke in german).

How do you say your pretty in german?

Du bist hübsch / Sie sind hübsch.

How do you say baLloon in German?

Im pretty sure there are a few ways to say it in German and this is it :) - 1.Ballon 2.Luftballon 3.Sprechbase 4.Blase

How do you say pretty good thanks for asking in German?

pretty good, thanks for asking = ziemlich gut, danke der Nachfrage

How do you say Im a pretty pony in the German language?

Ich bin ein hübsches Pony.

How do you say pretty but unpredictable teenage girl in German?

hübsch, aber unberechenbaren Teenager-Mädchen.

How is georg pronounced in German?

If you say "gay orc" running the words together you'll be pretty close.

How do you say lavender in German?

Lavender is called "Lavendel" in germany. It is pretty similar because the botanic name is "Lavandula".

How would you say pretty black heide in German?

The context of the question is not accurate enough to translate properly. "pretty" translates as "hübsch". "black" is "schwarz". "heide" is a German word, it can relate to "moorland", a heathen", a "pagan", a "Gentile" or "heather".

How do you say i really like shopping in German?

its pretty good. its depends upon what sense of fashion u have. you have a diff. styles and i have a diff. one . but i think its pretty entertaining.