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Q: How do you say pretzel sticks in spanish?
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How do you say pretzal in spanish?

There isn't a proper word for pretzel in Spanish but they say "galleta salada". (literally means "salt cookie")

How do you say french toast sticks in Spanish?

French toast sticks in Spanish is 'pan tostado francés.'

Can you bung booce?

yes all you need is pretzel sticks. :)

How do you say morellza sticks in spanish?

Palos de mozarella.

How do you make twistifish fondue on Webkinz?

Fish sticks, cheese , and pretzel in the blender

How do you spell pretzel in Spanish?

palito salado

What is the word 'pretzel' when translated from English to Spanish?

There is a phrase used to mean pretzel in Spanish, not just one word: Culin galleta salada en forma de lazo.

How do you say pretzel in Japanese?


What is in chex mix?

Well, there are corn chex, wheat chex, bread "sticks", pretzel's and then the toasted bread pieces.

What food does snoopy serve at Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving feast?

popcorn, toast, pretzel sticks, jelly beans

How many ounces in a cup of pretzel sticks?

I don't exactly know. I think probably around, 44 grams.

What's your favorite snack?

Either those pretzel sticks or Rugalah which is like a baby jelly filled Jewish cake-desert.