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Q: How do you say pyrimid in french?
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What is a food pyrimid?

There is no food pyramid

How many sides does a pyrimid have?


What design did they use to make the pyramid?

a pyrimid

Does a square pyrimid have 7 edges?

No, it has 8.

Is the great pyrimid located in Giza?

yes it is

What has 4 vertices and 6 edges?

triangular pyrimid

How many vertices does a pyrimid have?

it has five vertices i believe

How many faces does a square pyrimid have?

5 faces

How long did it take to bulid a pyrimid?

About 20 years

Who designed the first pyrimid of egypt?

Imhotep, for Djedu.

How long does it take to build a pyrimid?

3 years

What is the oldest stone in the world?

The oldest stone on Earth is believed to be a zircon crystal found in Western Australia, dating back around 4.4 billion years. This crystal provides valuable insights into the early history of our planet.