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The Spanish for carrots is zanahorias

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Q: How do you say radish in Spanish?
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How do you say horseradish in spanish?

A horseradish is spain is called a rábano picante, literally a spicy radish.

What is rabanito?

This is the Spanish word for radish.rabano - radishrabanito - small radish.

How do you spell radish in spanish?

rabano (with accent on the first 'a') rabanillo

What is spanish black radish used for?

what are black radishes used for

Is a radish red?

yes some types of radishes are a reddish color but i wouldn't say that a radish is completely red

How do you say radish in french?

Un radis.........noun masuline

What is small red or white root of a plant?

That is a radish.

What can you use as a subsitute for radish?

I would say carrot would be the best. They are both crunchy root veggies. But flavor wise they're is no real substitution for radish

What product will be extract using radish?

radish can be a pesticide. radish can be a pesticide.

What is the plural for radish?

The plural of radish is radishes.

What is the Hindu name for radish leaves?

Red Radish - Laal Mooli White Radish - Safed Mooli Radish - Mooli

What is radish seeds in Hindi?

radish seeds