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Frigorífico or nevera.

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Q: How do you say refrigerator in spanish?
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How do you say refrigerator in Argentina?

You shold say "HELADERA" in spanish.

How do you say please clean refrigerator in Spanish?

Limpie la nevera, por favor.

How do you say is your refrigerator running in spanish?

Sorry, that joke, unfortunately, doesn't really work in Spanish. Running and functioning are two different things. Está tu refrigeradora funcionando? You'd have to say 'corriendo' for the punchline of "well you'd better go catch it" To say "my refrigerator is running" you can say "mi refrigeradora funciona".

How do you say please clean the refrigerator on monday in spanish?

Favor de limpiar el refrigerador el lunes.

What is a refrigerator in Spanish?

Fregadora, refrigerador

How do you spell refrigerator in Spanish?


How do you say the stove is next to the refrigerator in spanish?

La estufa está junto a / al lado del frigorífico / refrigerador.

How do you say fridge in spanish?

"Refrigerator" in Spanish is "refrigerador". It is pronounced "ray-free-hair-ah-DOR". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

Is 'refrigerator' a masculine or feminine word in Spanish?

"Refrigerador" (Spanish) is a masculine noun.

How do you say refrigerator in German?

The German word for refrigerator is Kühlschrank or Kühltruhe.

How do you say Must keep refrigerator clean in Spanish?

Debemos mantener el refrigerador limpio o Mantenga-mos el frigorífico limpio

How ddo you say ophra in Spanish?

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

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