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English: "to roll over" means German: "prolongieren", "verlängern", "sich überschlagen", or "sich umdrehen".

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Q: How do you say roll over in German?
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How do you say roll out in German?

The verb to roll out in German is ausrollen

How do you say rick in German?

You have to roll the 'R'.

How do you say toad in German?

Kröte, pronounced krewta, but roll the "r".

How do you say roll over in Dutch?


How do you say the German word GroBmutter?

More or less like "grossmooter", but be sure to roll the R.

How do you say OVER in German?


How do you say roll over in french?

to roll over is 'retourner' in French. When speaking of a road accident where a car rolled over, you "se retourner" or "faire un tonneau".

Can you get your dog to roll over?

First teach them to sit then lay when they have that down then you say roll over with treat in hand,then you slowly roll them over and praise them and give treat do this several times and the dog start rolling over all by itself.

How do you say get over here in German?

Komm hier!

What is a German roll called?

The German name for rolls is Brötchen

How do you say beautiful in polish and German?

beautiful in German = schon (the 'o' has two dots over it)

How do you say restaurant in German?

Gastatte (with an umlaut over the second "a").