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Q: How do you say rusty in Hebrew?
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How do you spell Rusty in Hebrew?

Rusty is ראסטי (pronounced RAH-stee)

What is the English of nagdidilig?

nagdidilig is Hebrew and comes from the word 'rusty'

How do you say rusty in Irish?

The Irish word for 'rusty' is 'meirgeach'.

How do you say hand in Hebrew?

You say 'Yalda' in Hebrew

What does alef bet bekele khaloud mean in Hebrew?

alef bet bekele khaloud (אלף בית בכלא חלוד) = "alef bet in a rusty prison" or "alphabet in a rusty prison"

How do you say has in Hebrew?

Has in Hebrew is: YESH

How do you say ceiling in Hebrew?

"Tikra" (תקרה) is how you say ceiling in Hebrew.

How do you say rusty brown in french?

brun rouille

How do you say my french is rusty?

mon français est rouillé

How do you say Partner in Hebrew?

Shu'taf is partner in Hebrew

How do you say network in Hebrew?

Network in Hebrew is 'Reshet'

What does Inawah say in Hebrew?

Inawah has no meaning in Hebrew