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"Skirts," is "faldas."

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La falda

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Q: How do you say skirt in Spanish?
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How do say skirt in spanish?


How do you say the white skirt in Spanish?

You can say "La falda blanca".

How do you say skirt n spanish?

skirt in spanish: falda. in argentina: pollera

How do you say yellow skirt in spanish?

"The yellow skirt" is "la falda amarillo". La falda amarilla.

How do you say I like your skirt in spanish?

Me gusta tu camisa

What does the word 'minifaldas' mean when translated into English?

Minifaldas means mini skirt in English. Minifaldas is a Spanish word. Mini means mini, and faldas means skirt. There are other ways to say mini skirt in Spanish too.

How do you say the girl is wearing a skirt in spanish?

La chica/muchacha lleva una falda

How do you say patterned in spanish?

Estampado is the adjective. A patterned skirt would be una falda estampada, for example.

What does falda mean in Spanish?

the skirt

What is the word for skirt in Spanish?

La falda.

What does the Spanish word falda mean in English?


What should a boy say to a girl to wear a skirt?

"wear a skirt tomorrow".