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"b'NAY ... "

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ben (בן)

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Q: How do you say son of in Hebrew?
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How do you say dear son in Hebrew?

Dear son in Hebrew is Ben Yakar (בן יקר)

How do you say my son Hebrew?


How do you say son in Hebrew?

ben - בן

How do you say Abraham's son in Hebrew?

Abraham's son = ben Avraham (בן אברהם)

How do I say do great my son in Hebrew?

Great, my son = יופי, בני (yofi, bni)

What does son-ship mean in Hebrew?

There is no such concept as "son-ship" in Hebrew. You would just say children: yeladim (ילדים)

How do you say Son of the wind in Hebrew?

ben ru'akh (בן רוח)

How do you say his son in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for "son" is ben.The Hebrew suffix denoting "his" is -o.The Hebrew word for "his son" would have been beno (with the stress on the final syllable), but the "e" in benbecomes a schwa, and what you get therefore is b'no. (In informal modern Hebrew, the schwa is frequently dropped altogether, and what you then get is just bno.)

How do you say your son in Hebrew?

Modern Hebrew: Ben Shelcha (בן שלך) Ancient/Biblical Hebrew: Benkha (בנך)

How do you say mother's beloved son in Hebrew?

ben ahuv Shel em (בן אהוב של אם)

How do you say Here comes the son in Hebrew?

hineh mah-ghee-ah ha-ben (הנה מגיע הבן)

How do you say Michael son of Joshua in Hebrew?

Micha'el ben Yehoshua (מיכאל בן יהושוע)