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Special translates as besonders or speziell. The combination combination with a noun it can also be expressed in German by adding Spezial- or Sonder- in front of the word.

You are special. - Du bist etwas Besonderes.

That's our special offer. - Das ist unser Sonderangebot.

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Special one is a tricky phrase to translate, especially without context. The closest German translation would be der/die/das besondere

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Q: How do you say special one in German?
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How to say You are special in German?

"Sie sind besondere" is "you are special" in German. "du bist besondere" or (spezial)

How do you say special love in German?

mit leibchein

How do you say It is special in German?

Es ist eine besondere

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Like in English - Brooklyn. In general, there are no special german words for cities in english speaking countries.

How do you say your special in German?

Ihre speziellen (ear-air- rush spit-zee-ell- en)

How do you say Special One in Russian?

To say "Special One" in Russian, you would say "ΠžΡΠΎΠ±Π΅Π½Π½Ρ‹ΠΉ."

How do you say your one of a kind in German?

das kind

How do you say One Direction in German?

"einer Richtung"

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meine Schöne

What does it mean when some one says your special?

some one say your special probably means you are importing to then or you are very special :)

How do you say what is this one in German?

What is this one = Was ist dies/diese/dieser