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Locutor deportivo is the translation of sports announcer to Spanish.

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Q: How do you say sports announcer in spanish?
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How do you say 'I practice sports' in Spanish?

To say 'I practice sports' in Spanish, you would say ' Hago deporte'

When was John McDonald - sports announcer - born?

John McDonald - sports announcer - was born in 1960.

How do you say sports in spanish?

Sports in Spanish is deportes, pernounced; deh-poor-tehs I like sports= Me encanta los deportes

Who is the most popular sports announcer in the US?

I believe Al Michaels is the most popular sports announcer

How do you say sports person in spanish?


How do you say there are many sports in our school?

in what ? spanish

How do you say sports center in spanish?

centro deportes

How do you say 'watching sports' in Spanish?

"I am watching sports" would be "estoy mirando deportes".

How do you say loving sports in spanish?

Loving sports would translate to love of sports or Amor de Deportes.

How do you say 'He practices sports' in Spanish?

voy a practicar basketbol corect word for basketball is balon cesto but noone uses it

What is the role of the announcer in sports?

The announcer will give you a clear understanding of what is going on in the game/event.

How do you say practice sports in Spanish?

practice sports: practicar deportes