How do you say sup in spanish?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: How do you say sup in spanish?
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How do you say what's sup in spanish?

"¿Qué tal?" "¿Qué pasa?"

How do you say sup?

when happy say sup

Why when you say sup they say sup?

Well, sup is anther way of saying hi so just like when you say to someone and they say hi back people say sup back to you.

How do you say sup in Chinese?

sup - 燮 (Xiè) (That's Simplified Chinese.)

How do you say sup bother?

Hi =)=)

Why do people say sup?

Laziness "Sup" is a contraction for "What's up?", meaning "What's going on?"

How do you say locust in Arabic?

sup biiiiiiiitch !

How do you say hello in Los Angeles?


How does someone say hi in America?

hi, hey, what's sup, sup, how's it going, hello and etc.

What do you say when someone says sup?

you say what up

How do you say 29 in cantonese?

一 yat二 yee三 sam (it's a prolonged "a" sound. like the "lam" in llama)四 say五 mm (like mhm without the "h)"六 lok七 chut (like shut but with a ch sound)八 bat九 gou (or gow)十 sup十一 sup yat十二 sup yee十三 sup sam十四 sup say十五 sup mm十六 sup lok十七 sup chut十八 sup bat十九 sup gow二十 yee sup二十一 yee sup yat二十二 yee sup yee二十三 yee sup sam二十四 yee sup say二十五 yee sup mm二十六 yee sup lok二十七 yee sup chut二十八 yee sup bat二十九 yee sup gowBasically, each character stays with its pronunciation.Also, it's basically, ten+one = eleven, two+ten(s)+one = twenty-one, etc etc.

What you say to yours mothers mother?

Sup granny